Lindsay Lohan - Leggings only shoot for 6126 clothing line

During a recent photo shoot the gorgeous babe Lindsay Lohan is hoping that her fashionable shoot can help bring in the much needed bucks and she is quite correct this awesome shoot will bring her lots of bucks.
She was flaunting her stuff for her 6126 clothing line which will definitely be making a increase in her expansion in offerings come this summer to her.
Currently she is only focusing on leggings, The Los Angeles Times tells that 6126 will very shortly offer many varieties of clothes in the market including oversized-cardigans,mini-dresses etc. 
Price will be starting from $60 and will go upto the $1000.In current year upto the month of July 2010 the collection of approx 280 pieces will be taking over racks at popular retail destinations and that destinations will be Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.
Lindsay Lohan will be earning a lot.....yoooo