Kourtney Reppert

Kourtney Reppert, a 26-year-old model based in Los Angeles, is turning her cyberstalking horror story into a positive one after being the victim of vicious threats by a man on the Internet.

Reppert, a blonde bombshell originally from small town Pennsylvania, told ABC News she received over 400 terrifying death threats via email from a stalker in March demanding her to quit modeling or else he'd kill her.

"I will kill you when you least expect it. You are very easy to get to. You know what my demands are. Time is running out," one email read. "My demands are, stop modeling, go back to college, and be someone else. Delete all of your [Facebook and Twitter] accounts."

"I hope you die in an automobile accident and crush your ugly face through the windshield and a large piece of glass cuts your throat," another read. "I'm going to stab you in the f---ing heart and cut your f---ing head off. I will kill your parents, cut them to pieces with a handsaw, do you f---ing understand me? Don't f--- with me or make me mad."

After an investigation, police finally discovered the origin of the emails and arrested Luis Plascencia, a 47-year-old man from Chicago, on June 26 for cyberstalking. Plascencia had used more than 10 email addresses to stalk Reppert, some of which he used at home and others at public places.

According to police, the investigation led to Plascencia's Chicago home, where he lived with his mother and sister. Police found countless photos of the model set to music in a slideshow along with Reppert's home address along with several addresses of her friends and family members. Plascencia also kept handwritten documentation to track Reppert's followers on social media and of the locations of her two tattoos.