Katherine Heigl

American actress Katherine Heigl was born November 24, 1978 in Washington DC in the family Nancy and Paul HeiglImmediately after birth the family moved to New Kennen, Connecticut. She received a strict religious upbringing: her ancestors professed Mormon doctrine.
Katherine began working as a model at age 9. Film debut was the role of Catherine in the 1992 film "That very night,", where it was noticed by Steven Soderbergh and asked for a small role in the film "King of the Hill."
In 1994 he went around and got Alicia Silverstone in the film "My father - a hero," a film about the relationship of father and daughter teen father's role in this film played Gerard Depardieu.For this film was nominated for Katherine Young Artist Awards. Later, should the role of hero Steven Seagal's niece in the film "Under Siege 2" for which she refused to "Hackers" (this part was Angelina Jolie).
Parents' divorce and the end of the school in 1996 did not allow her much time on film career, Kathy worked mostly as a model for the youth was shot and magazines such as Seventeen. But a film with her participation is still left in this year is "Make a wish," girlish Disney comedy about the lives of two sisters, it is not at each other like that one day change the bodies.
In 1997, Kathryn moved with her mother in Los Angeles, which made it possible to concentrate on the movie, and how often it happens, the mother is the manager and his career took her daughter into their own hands. This year, out "Stand-Ins" and beautiful film, made in Europe, about the time of King Arthur and the knights of the round table "Prince Veliant" where Cathy has played the role of the Princess Eileen.
In 1998 he published two "horror" - "Bride of Chucky" and "Bug Buster", "Bride of Chucky 'sequel on the doll-killer at the box office collects more than $ 50 million worldwide fame, however, she brings a role in the TV series" Roswell "( 1999) (nominated for an Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA).
On the set of "Roswell" Kathy began a romance with his brother Jason Baer serials. While working on "Roswell" Katherine has played small roles in "100 girls and one in the elevator" and "Valentine's Day" on a story by Tom Savage, in this movie starred Kathy medical academy students.
In 2004 Catherine went to Texas to shoot a comedy about the Olympics for the disabled, "caller", despite the theme, the film has turned out insanely good (at the box office the film grossed 40 million dollars.).
In the summer of 2006 the premiere of the romantic comedy "Coffee House", the film was presented at the New England Film Festival. Until September, it was rumored that Katherine does not appear in the new season of "Grey's Anatomy," perhaps because Katherine spent all summer in the movie "Knocked Up", but the new premier of the third season the series has dispelled doubts, Catherine is still pleased with weekly his fans as Izzie Stevens.
The world premiere of "Knocked Up" was held on June 1, 2007. The film was a success in theaters, and the U.S. has paid off in the first week of hire, as a whole in the world of film has collected more than $ 175 million the summer 2007 Cathy met on the set of romantic comedy "27 Dresses", where she became a partner in the film, James Marsden.