Simoncelli Champion in Sepang, killed Sepang

Kuala Lumpur - Travel careers Marco Simoncelli in the primary classroom not long motorcycle grand prix. He died while diving the race at the Sepang circuit, where he had made sure he became a world champion.

Simoncelli, 24, died after falling off his motorbike on the second lap MotoGP Malaysia, Sunday (10/23/2011), after she was then hit by two other drivers speeding behind him, namely Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi.

He had an ambulance was rushed to hospital, but his soul can not be saved. When the horrific incident took place, regardless of his helmet to his head.

Death rider San Carlo Gresini Honda team was the worst in MotoGP since Daijiro Katoh, which Gresini rider, died of injuries from the Japanese series 2003. September last season, the drivers of the Moto2 class, namely Showa Tomizawa, also lost their lives on the track racing.

No less surprising, the new week in the world racing accident that killed a participant, ie And Wheldon, the IndyCar British event in Las Vegas.

Simoncelli really was knitting a bright career in MotoGP, after finishing eighth last season, completing 16 of 18 races in that year.

In this season he proved many people predicted that he will be one rider to be reckoned with. The proof, he was able to finish fifth in the series opener in Qatar, also in France and Italy. He earned his first podium when he became the third fastest rider in the Czech Republic.

Simoncelli more stable when consecutive series in fourth place in San Marino, Aragon, and Japan. In the series-16 at Phillip Island, Australia, he managed to reach its highest achievement, which was runner-up (behind Casey Stoner).

In addition to a promising talent, quirky guy with hair kribonya it also often sparked controversy. Racing style is considered "gratuitous", more than bold, and several times the assessed harm other drivers.

One of the most dangerous action is when brushed with Dani Pedrosa at Le Mans. Pedrosa injured collarbone, and he was sentenced to ride-through penalty. Initially Simoncelli dodge blame for the crash, but later admitted that he needs to do a reflection on the style of racing.

Before moving to MotoGP, Simoncelli had been a European champion in the 125cc class. He entered the Grand Prix level in 2002 with Aprilia in the 125cc class. Her achievements are always rises: from finishing number 33 to 21, 11, and five in 2005.

In 2006 The Kribo recruited to the 250cc Gilera, and in summer 2008 he managed to become world champion. Certainty grabbed it acquired title when he finished third in the race at Sepang.

Simoncelli in the Sepang well "acquainted" with the MotoGP, as the new Honda rider in the 2010 season. On the circuit he fell twice in the official trials. The incident is the second to destroy his helmet.

And today, Sunday (23/10/2011), Simoncelli back to Sepang but to "say goodbye" to fans and fans of MotoGP. He died in a high speed.