Simoncelli Killed After 45 Minutes Accidents



KUALA LUMPUR - MICOM: Gresni Honda rider Marco Simoncelli was killed at the age of 24. Severe injuries in the head makes him unable to survive.

Medical Director Dr. Michele Macchiagodena call, Simoncelli died from injuries in the head, neck, and chest.

"I am sad to be here to announce the death of Marco Simoncelli. The cause of death there is trauma to the face, head, neck and chest," said Macchiagodena a news conference at the Sepang Circuit on Sunday (23/10).

He explained the conditions Simoncelli was unconscious when medical teams arrived to the crash site. When the ambulance arrived, he was immediately given CPR (artificial breathing assistance) and also get emergency care. Unfortunately the CPR for 45 minutes could not help her. "Simoncelli died at 16:56," softly Macchiagodena.

The press conference which lasted six minutes and was attended by Javier Alonso (Dorna Events Managing Director), Franco Uncini (Safety Delegates), Claude Danis (Presidential Commission on Safety), and Paul Butler (Race Director).

In a re-recording impressions of accidents in Malaysian MotoGP race at the Sepang Circuit on Sunday (23/10), see Simoncelli who was in front of Suzuki rider Alvaro Bautista suddenly widened and successfully traversed by Bautista and Nicky Hayden at the bend 11 to end the first lap.

Visible Simoncelli Honda motorcycle front tire loses traction. Simoncelli was dropped and turned sharply to the right.

The fall in belakanngnya Simoncelli makes riders, Colin Edwards, who also tried preceding it, can not control the motor and Simoncelli crashed instantly. In fact, both also hit Valentino Rossi at their side