Closer removes Kate Middleton pics from its site but they have more 'closest' pics

Last day the most hilarious of Royals family in United Kingdom has just stunned the world. Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge was on the top of the news around the world.

A French Magazine The Closer has just published the “Racy” Photos of Kate Middleton when she was with her friends and family member.

Watch Here Kate Middleton French magazine Closer Photos

The photo hit the top surface online while Kate Middleton is on the trip to South Asia with her husband Prince William on the behalf of the Queen Elizabeth To receive compliments and wishes on the account of Her Majesty’s birthday.

It is reported that someone has taken the photo of Kate Middleton during son bath with the help of long lens through the private property and sourced that images to the “The Closer” magazine.

The time these images were published on the website it stunned the world. A close source of the royal couple said that William and Kate are not happy with this and thinking to file a case against the magazine. While on the other side Magazine has removed those racy images from the website.

Watch Here Kate Middleton French magazine Closer Photos

The magazine has released a statement after that that matter became a scandal, "Following comments received after the publication of photos of Kate and William in Closer magazine France, we would like to make the following clarifications: This is the French edition of Closer and not the English edition."

It continued, "The photos we chose are by no means degrading. They show a young couple on vacation, beautiful, in love, living a normal life. The article reports that the couple recently vacationed in the south of France."

Another representative from the Royal palace informed that "St. James' Palace confirms that legal proceedings for breach of privacy have been commenced today in France by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge against the publishers of Closer Magazine France."