Italian mag Chi & The Irish Daily Star publish Kate Middleton photos

The royal family has decided to sue French magazine Closer, but this threat has not any affect on Italian magazine Chi and the Republic of Ireland edition of the Irish Daily Star. According to BBC News, gossip magazine Chi is understood to be planning a 26-page photo special of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on holiday in the south of France, to run in an edition next week.

Following the news, the website of The Irish Daily Star has been crashed. Chi's front cover will also feature three revealing pictures of Catherine, according to a copy of the page sent by Mondadori via e-mail. A court in Nanterre near Paris said the royal couple's lawyer had filed a motion to expedite the procedure, and Closer's publishers would be heard on Monday.

The editor of Chi Alfonso Signorini said in a statement, "This is a deserving topic because it shows in a completely natural way the daily life of a very famous, young and modern couple in love." He defended the decision to publish them, saying the photos are tasteful and respect Kate's dignity.

Meanwhile, Laurence Pieau, the editor of Closer, also spoke with AFPabout these photos, "These photos are not in the least shocking. They show a young woman sunbathing topless, like the millions of women you see on beaches."

According to Mondadori's website, Closer has an average weekly circulation of about 414,000, while Chi sells more than 340,000 copies a week. The Daily Telegraph's Willard Foxton insisted in his blog to take steps about such kind of paparazzi.

Willard Foxton wrote in his blog, "We need to do something about this problem before it gets out of hand – even if that means Prince Phillip guarding his grandson's bedroom with a shotgun." The official spokesman of British Prime Minister David Cameron said to BBC while reacting on the issue, "The view from Downing Street is that they are entitled to their privacy."

William and Kate are said to be feeling "anger and disbelief at the publication of the photographs, taken while on a private holiday. A close source of the royal couple said that William and Kate are not happy with this and thinking to file a case against the magazine. While on the other side, magazine has removed those racy images from the website.