5 Step to Eat the Healthy Food for Lifestyle

5 Step to Eat the Healthy Food for Lifestyle

We decided to pull myself together and lead a healthy lifestyle? You have made an important and correct step! But it is not easy.The problem with this decision, and the problem with diets is that many do not survive, because white bread is much softer and tastier than black, not to mention the cakes.Although, if you do survive, then over time get used to and even start to have fun.Doctors say that today's massive power is a source of disease, sometimes turning into an epidemic.The most glaring example  diabetes second group.The disease was considered a disease of old people, now it affects children and adolescents, and the number of cases grows.

In a balanced diet, there are other advantages. In addition to diabetes, healthy meals prevents high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc.The work of improving the body, the digestive system function better, improve brain activity, the condition of hair, skin and nails, a common condition that affects well- and the nervous system.

One: What kind of chocolate is preferable?
As you know, the quality of chocolate is determined by the percentage of cocoa in it.The higher percentage of cocoa  the better the quality of chocolate.Plain chocolate contains 28% cocoa, high from 70% to 90%.The higher percentage of cocoa in chocolate, so it is healthier because it contains more antioxidant (not giving increase the acidity of the body).In the chocolate and added sugar, but the greater percentage of cocoa, the less sugar, so the chocolate is bitter to the taste.

Two: What kind of food coloring should be avoided?
When you buy pasta or nuts for soup, make sure that the ingredients do not have yellow food coloring,
tartazina (E102), which is not recommended to use, especially children.

Three: Add to the soup calorie sweet potato.
One of the secrets of preparing delicious, wholesome, does not add extra weight of vegetable soup add in a lot of sweet potatoes.

Four: Why can not I use the powdered soup?
Powdered soups contain lots of calories, fats, chemicals and MSG (monosodium glutamate MSG, E-621), which improves the taste of powdered soup, but it can cause reactions such as headache and allergy.Because you can cook without the addition of powdered soup.Professional chefs do not use powdered soup, preferring natural spices, herbs and seeds, which are much tastier.To improve the taste, it is advised, for example, add the basil into a paste.In the chicken dish, as with any meat, soup powder is superfluous. Instead, you can use soy sauce, chopped coriander, fennel, onion, garlic, celery, ginger, parsley and a little mint.Spoon brown sugar and add a taste of a dish. If the vegetables are slightly damp in olive oil before cooking, you can get a delicious vegetable soup.

Five: The basic rules of cooking beans
A-Before use, the bean sprout is desirable that it risen amount of vitamins and minerals (including vitamin C).

B-Bean sprout in the following way  in a glass jar to pour the beans, add water and leave overnight.

C-You can cover the jar with paper. In the morning rinse the beans and put in the bank, but without water.

D-Beans is washed once or twice a day to maintain humidity.

E-A few days later the beans sprout. Cooking time sprouted beans are much smaller than non germinated.