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Cameron Diaz the daughter of a Cuban American men and Anglo German women, she was born in San Diego.At age 16 she began her modeling career.Dias contacted the prestigious modeling agency "Elite Model Managment".After graduating from high school she went to work in Japan.Over the next few years, working model, she has traveled the world, has signed contracts with many different companies.She worked as a model for designers such as Kevin Kline, and Lewis.

Camerondiaz Hairstyles

Career Diaz as an actress began at age of 21.Diaz was cast for the movie "Mask".She auditioned for the lead female role, where she was to play in a pair of star Jim Carrey, and although she was never a rich acting experience, she got the role.

Cameron Dias Hairstyles

Diaz has publicly admitted that she has a phobia.she is very afraid of germs and usually rubs doorknobs so zealously that they can wipe all the paint.she washes the floor and your hands, "a thousand times" each day and opens the door only to the elbows.

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