Halle Berry Different Hairstyles 2012

Halle Berry was born August 14, 1968 in Cleveland Ohio USA, studied journalism in college.she won the title of "Miss USA" and at the same time represented the U.S at the contest "Miss World" in London.Holly has long worked as a model, including for the famous company "Revlon" along with stars such as Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer.

Halle Berry Different Hairstyles 2012

She made her acting debut in the television series, and in the first movie role played by Halle Berry in "Jungle Fever".After filming a live version of Children's animated film "The Flintstones", the actress turned to more serious roles, playing in the psychological drama "The point of Isaiah" .Her partner on this film has become famous Jessica Lange, and though the critical reviews of an actor playing Berry were quite mixed, this role has allowed her to go beyond comedy and entertainment genre.For "the Cause of Isaiah," followed by such films as "rich man's wife".

Halle Berry Miss world

The next stage in his career was the film Berrry Warren Beaty "Bulvort", which led most critics to change their minds about the acting abilities Halle Berry, but the real recognition came to her after the TV movies Martha Coolidge "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge" which she starred as the legendary black American actress Dorothy Dandridge.She returned to the big screen in the sci-fi action movie Bryan Singer "X -Men" and fully recovered its position, after received the "Oscar" for Best Actress, playing in the romantic drama of Mark Foster's "Monster's Ball.Here are some picture collection of Halle Berry Different Hairstyles 2012.

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